Vulgar Postal Stickers Left Behind in Seven Oaks Window Smashing Spree

A number of vehicles had their windows smashed on a single night, police say.

A vehicle in Seven Oaks was covered with 30 vulgar stickers, shattered glass and a yellow painting of male genitalia after a window smashing spree in Rancho Bernardo last week, police said.

Police received online reports of six vehicles having their windows smashed, mostly in the Seven Oaks neighborhood, between the late hours of Friday, May 20 and early May 21, San Diego police Officer Susan Steffen said.

No suspects have been identified, and the evidence had been tossed or washed away before police could gather it, Steffen said.

According to the report, a vehicle on Calle Vivienda had its window smashed and was stuck with about 30 priority mail postal stickers with vulgar language such as the "c" word, Steffen said. The is on Lomica Drive, near where the alleged crimes occurred.

A yellow penis also had been painted on the vehicle, she said.

The person who reported the alleged crime, however, did not indicate in the online report that there was evidence, which would have prompted an officer to come to the scene to take an in-person report, Steffen said.

The stickers could have provided fingerprints or other identifying evidence, she said. Some of the alleged victims reported hearing the sound of smashing sometime during the night or early morning, she said.

A detective has been assigned the cases, but no suspects have been found yet, she said.

The other window smashes were reported on several blocks:

  • 12000 Rio Road
  • 17000 Montero Road
  • 12000 Lomica Drive
  • 12000 Lomica Drive
  • 18000 West Bernardo Drive

Steffen said this type of crime is typically the work of teenagers doing pranks. People who aren't able to park in a garage are vulnerable, she said.

"It's just unfortunate that kids do this and they go around and vandalize and they think it's funny," Steffen said.

The officer recommends that people refrain from touching any evidence in these situations and indicate in online reports that they do have evidence. This will produce a message providing a non-emergency phone number for the reporting party to call so a dispatcher can alert officers, she said.

When an officer arrives depends on staffing and availability, she said.

In the case of graffiti, residents also should wait until officers have a chance to take pictures before they paint or wash it away, she said.

For information about how to report non-emergencies online, see here.

The non-emergency reporting line for the 858 area code is: 858-484-3154.

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