San Diego Police ID Suspected Armed Man in Movie Theater Shooting

The suspect is a 20-year-old man from Escondido who officers said threatened his girlfriend at her job.

San Diego police have identified the man shot in a Carmel Mountain Road movie theater Saturday as Tom Billodeaux, 20, of Escondido.

Billodeaux is accused of physically attacking his girlfriend while armed with a handgun, then fleeing into the nearby Reading Cinemas where he hid among moviegoers. When police found him, he was shot in the arm and chest area after raising a handgun and turning it toward an officer, police said in a news release.

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The theater where Billodeaux was found had been showing Les Miserables when the lights came on suddenly and the 15 or so moviegoers fell to the floor and began crawling toward the exits, according to the Associated Press.

The officer involved in the shooting has been with the San Diego Police Department for a year and a half, according to a news release. Billodeaux was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. He will be booked into San Diego County Jail once he is released, according to the release.

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Danielle January 13, 2013 at 11:19 PM
I think the officer did what he had to do. Billodeaux already attacked his girlfriend while holding a gun.. so he runs into a theatre to hide. The officer was able to disarm him, yes, he did what he had to do in that emergency situation.. and take Billodeaux into custody. The officer spared other theatre patrons from a possible hostage situation or getting shot from Billodeaux. Before people jump and say "couldn't the officer take Billodeux without shooting him ? Maybe, but if we were in the officer's shoes, we have to make that immediate decision. I think he did, what was necessary..considering.


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