First Aid Kit Essentials

Learn what you should have in your first aid kit—and see how to get one for free!

If you have fallen off the wagon of your New Year’s resolution, here's an easy one you can keep for the rest of the year: ensuring the safety of your family.

Every home’s first responder is its first aid kit, and there are a few essentials every first aid kit should have:

  • Band-Aids: first and foremost in any first aid kit.
  • Gauze bandages: essential for nose bleeds and larger cuts.
  • Adhesive tape: necessary to hold  bandages in place.
  • Blunt scissors: to cut bandages or clothing if necessary.
  • Eye wash: to flush out eyes and wounds in case water is not readily available.
  • Cold packs: for bruises and aches.
  • Hot packs: muscle strains.
  • Disinfecting wipes: to clean your hands after treating wounds.
  • Flashlight: ensure batteries are changed at least once a year.

“You should not only have all the above items in a first aid kit, you should make yourself and anyone in your household familiar with each item and where to find it,” said Rural/Metro Ambulance Paramedic Rick Rod. “It is hugely helpful to the patient when paramedics and emergency medical technicians arrive on-scene of an emergency to find basic treatment has been administered.”

Rural/Metro Ambulance, the largest ambulance provider in San Diego County, is giving away what it calls the “Every Second Counts” first aid kit, which includes all of the items listed above, along with a few other essentials. For an opportunity to win the basket valued at $50, please go to the Rural/Metro San Diego Facebook page. Just “Like” Rural/Metro San Diego’s page, and enter the sweepstakes on the left-hand side of the page to be eligible to win the Every Second Counts first aid basket.

As always, when in doubt, 911 is at your fingertips. And, remember, every second counts.


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