Why Are Moms Behaving Badly?

This week's Evil Mother Lady confession: What's with all the mama drama?

So, now it is time for the next confession—what’s with all the prima drama mamas? Lately, they haven swarmed to the surface, intent on conquering the world as I inhabit it. I don’t understand these moms—they insist on knowing everything, having everything their way, lashing out at their children when upset with someone else. It reminds of the middle school girl drama I loathed while in school. And it spills into every venue my children are involved.

They seem to be everywhere I turn around—school, extracurricular activities, even the grocery store. And, in case you missed it, they are the center of the universe. Even with their children’s drama, they are still front and center. Me, I prefer not to be in the limelight, especially in my children’s lives … stage-management mom maybe, but not the diva with all eyes on you.

I really don’t understand it. What is missing to make moms behave badly like this? Is it the reality of being subsumed by your children’s worlds? I don’t like the invisible mom syndrome but it does not ignite a desire for theatrical performances in my daily life. Is it they have had enough and want to put their foot down? Fine, put your foot down but don’t’ be a menace to society and whiplash everyone around you with emotional outbursts. Could it be too many soap operas, chick lit, talk shows? I don’t know what causes the madness, but I want to know how do we stop it?

Why isn’t there a requirement that you have to act like an adult before you can have children? Or at least play one on the stage we know as life? Pretend. Channel those dramatic tendencies into passing for a stage mom instead of the primo mom. Let the adolescent teens own the stage during their dramatic phase of life whilst we adults get on the road with more exciting and realistic adult roles.

Me, I think I’ll hide behind the door on the stage and don my mom invisibility cloak. After all, I really don’t want to be typecast as a mom these days. There are too many other exciting roles out there to sample … characters interesting because of what they do, not the character type they play. Little people are almost grown, opportunities are knocking at the door, why waste time creating drama about the little things when there are huge opportunities on the horizon. So, how about you?


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