Starting a Garden for Healthier Living

If you have ever dreamed having fresh flowers, vegetables, and fruits at your fingertips, now is the time to start that garden.

A friend of mine had some planter boxes built and she is now growing a variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables in her backyard. This is a fun family activity and they get fresh, homegrown vegetables out of it. When I saw what she did, it inspired me to do the same.

If you want to start a garden, the first thing you need to decide is where to put it. You can have a small garden in hanging planter boxes, large ground planter boxes, window planter boxes, and of course, on the ground. This decision is largely based on your resources, time and how much space you have or want to commit to a garden. If you are not an experienced gardener, perhaps you should start with a small planter box or hang planter and see how you do.

Another tip for starting a garden is to plant what you like to eat. If turnips and beets aren’t your favorite vegetables, pick something that you and your family will enjoy having fresh from the garden. Also, plant things that will grow based on the amount of sunlight they will get during the day. For example, carrots and cumbers grow the best with full sunlight (at least six hours), while broccoli and peas can grow with partial sun and shade.

Knowing what you want to plant can help you decide where you want to plant your garden. You can even diversify your space by planting fruits and vegetables that like sun in your planter box and using hanging planters for foods that grow in cooler or shadier locations.

Spring is a great time for many fruits and vegetables to get planted so put your plan together and get planting. By the end of the summer you will be enjoying the “fruits (or vegetables) of your labor.”


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