RB Mourns Loss of Pioneer Bob Wells

Wells was a longtime Rancho Bernardo resident who volunteered and served across the board.

Updated 4:25 p.m. Monday.

Bob Wells, a legendary leader throughout Rancho Bernardo described as the "quintessential volunteer," has died at the age of 84.

On Saturday, during RB's 50th birthday celebration at Webb Park, a number of community leaders solicited prayers for Wells who had been ill. The next day, the Rancho Bernardo Business Association sent out a message that Wells, one of the organization's board members, had died.

"It is with the deepest of regrets that we have to inform you that our dear friend Bob Wells passed away at 11:55 a.m. Sunday morning. ...Of course his family is in mourning and they would appreciate that you not call them with your regrets at this time."

Wells, who came to Rancho Bernardo in the mid-1980s, had a hand in the leadership, formation and expansion of a number of community organizations and projects, including the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation, the RB Chamber of Commerce, RB Community Council, Spirit of the Fourth and the Pathway of Pride.

He was inducted into the RB Hall of Fame in 1993 and emceed the hall's 2011 ceremony where RB community founder Harry Summers was honored as the 100th inductee.

"Nothing, nothing compares to Rancho Bernardo," Wells said at the April ceremony. "This is special. We are special. And Harry, you are special."

Information about services for Wells is forthcoming. Many have begun sharing their thoughts on Wells:

Teri Denlinger, Chair, on behalf of the Rancho Bernardo Community Planning Board:

Bob Wells was more than a leader to those who knew him in Rancho Bernardo. He was a true pioneer, cultivating an untapped dimension where achievements are realized through volunteerism. Bob was business savvy with an incredible talent for motivating people through his genuine kindness. There isn’t a community organization or business that won’t feel his loss.

San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio (District 5):

Rancho Bernardo lost one its most active and caring members when our good friend and dedicated community volunteer Bob Wells passed away.

Bob gave decades of service to his community as a board member of the Rancho Bernardo Business Association, the Rancho Bernardo Community Foundation, and a member of the Rancho Bernardo Rotary, among countless other roles. He was recognized for his tireless service when he was inducted into the Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame. Bob’s hard work played a large part in the success of the Rancho Bernardo 50th birthday party. His passion for bettering the community was unwavering and obvious in every effort he put forth.

Bob was a shining star in Rancho Bernardo. He was best known for his kindness and incredible sense of humor. He could walk into a room full of strangers and leave with a group of new friends. There are few who could bring people together like Bob could. His commitment to Rancho Bernardo was admirable, and he will be sorely missed.

Scott Lawn, Rancho Bernardo Honorary Mayor:

So many things to say about Bob. He was clearly the quintessential volunteer and always available to everyone here. ...[He] contributed to almost every corner of Rancho Bernardo. ...His input and his energy, it was just unbelievable for someone half his age, quite honestly.

Larry McIntyre, President, Rancho Bernardo Business Association:

He was my really, really good friend and my mentor. I learned a lot from that boy. We worked very well together. ...He was quite a guy.

San Diego City Councilman-elect Mark Kersey (District 5):

Bob was a good friend and Rancho Bernardo legend who served his community in almost every way possible. I am proud to have known him and his passing is like losing a member of my own family. Bob was loved by so many who like me will sorely miss him, and my prayers go out to his family as they mourn their loss.

Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame:

Bob Wells will be greatly missed in the community. He was an influencing force over the years when it came to a number of volunteer organizations including Rotary, the Spirit of the Fourth, the RB Community Foundation and the RB Business Association. Bob was inducted into the RB Hall of Fame in 1993 for his leadership role in the community.

Former San Diego City Councilman Brian Maienschein (District 5):

Bob contributed so much to Rancho Bernardo, there is hardly any organization in RB that he wasn't involved with. I worked closely with him, and he was a great friend. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he worked hard to make RB a better place. From his involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, to the Pathway of Pride, Rotary, RBBA, and so many community organizations, he helped make our community what it is. He was a great champion for Rancho Bernardo and I will deeply miss him. 


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