Moms Talk Q&A: How Do You Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Face, Budget and Lifestyle?

This week's Moms Q&A asks for tips on picking the right hairstyle for maximum beauty—and minimum cost and stress.

Maybe you think Jennifer Aniston's new haircut will look just as chic on you. Or perhaps your son wants to go for something a bit edgier à la Justin Bieber's new 'do.

Before you head down to the salon, stop and think about what you're about to do, says Rancho Bernardo stylist

"Consider your lifestyle. Do you have time to maintain this look, and above all, do you have the finances to maintain whatever look you're after? Those are the two top things," Marshall said.

"Jennifer Aniston is a movie star and that's a profession that you have to stay fresh," Marshall said. "They have to do something that sets them apart and that people say,'oh wow'."

Some professions may not be be the right fit for edgier hairstyles, she said.

Certain hairstyles are more expensive to maintain because they require more frequent tweaks, said Amparo Gallegos, manager of .

"Short hair is more expensive," Gallegos said, citing the need for haircuts every four to six weeks to preserve the original shape of the cut.

But longer hair also has its drawbacks.

"The longer it is, the more damaged your hair tends to be," Gallegos said. The stylist added that with the right products, dull hair can be fixed to be healthy and shiny.

New hairdo seekers also should keep in mind how the cut or color will work with the shape of their face and skin color, Gallegos said. Highlights framing a round face can give the face a softer look, she said.

But the right style and color in hands of the wrong stylist can be a disaster.

Marshall recommends using word of mouth to find the right stylist for you.

"You ask somebody who you see that has a dynamite style or cut and you say, 'Where did you get your hair done and who did it?'," Marshall said.

Your Turn, Moms: How do you decide which hairstyle to keep? For busy moms, what styles work best for you? Which styles have you found to be too expensive or too time-consuming to maintain?


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