Super Q Food Truck Brings the Food to You

Super-hero adorned, Super Q Food Truck jumps in on latest culinary craze.

It’s no Bat Mobile, but if you’ve seen the 23-foot long, super hero-adorned food truck moseying around Rancho Bernardo on Wednesdays you’re in luck for some finger-licking good barbecue! Super Q food truck is the brain child of Kaminski’s BBQ located in Poway and has been making waves by cashing in on the latest culinary craze and concocting fresh and savory meals for hungry patrons.

J.R. Kaminski, manager of the Super Q trucks, began serving up the meals on wheels in February of this year. From meaty barbecue sandwiches topped with mac and cheese to BBQ asada fries, Super Q pulls out all the stops for its food truck.

Although some may have a stigma against eating from a food truck, everything is fresh and the meat is coated in Kaminski’s signature rub and smoked in a slow cooker for 13 hours before it is served to customers, they say.

“We’re by no means a roach coach who puts together burritos and let them sit out for hours,” Kaminski said. “We put together everything on the spot.”

Super Q’s signature dishes are the sandwich melts such as the Super Q Pork Melt, which is a three cheese mac-n-cheese, BBQ pulled pork, topped with sautéed onions on grilled sourdough with melted cheddar.

Kaminski got into the food truck business because the restaurant’s meat smoker was large enough to accommodate catering. He and his family jumped at the opportunity to help their business expand by jumping into the food truck craze.

Kaminski decided to serve food in Rancho Bernardo because of its large industrial park. And with more than 20 food trucks in San Diego, Kaminski said competition exist between the businesses, but only for lunch spots.

“I’m friends with all the food truck owners and we’re a really tight knit community,” he said. “We occasionally team up with other trucks for special events.”

With two Super Q trucks on the road they are one of just a few BBQ food trucks in San Diego. Super Q is also one of the more popular food trucks and although Kaminski enjoys the industry, he admits it’s a lot of time and work.

“It’s not a million dollar business because you can only make so much selling lunches,” Kaminski said. “You have to work a lot to be successful. I’m on the truck five to seven days a week, but I work on the business seven days a week. I’m always answering emails, ordering food, handling Facebook and Twitter, prepping, cleaning and more.” 

Super Q can be seen in Sabre Springs, Sorrento Valley and many other neighboring communities.

Super Q can be found in Rancho Bernardo near Sony, BAE Systems, and Broadcom at 11031 Via Frontera from about noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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