Cross the Road When it Comes to the Skinny Chicken Bowl

Baja Fresh Skinny Chicken Bowl should be passed up, a reviewer says.

When seeking a healthy alternative, seems like a safe bet for savory platters that won’t expand your waistline. However, when browsing the lighter menu options, pass on the 624 calorie Skinny Chicken Bowl.

Think chicken burrito, minus the tortilla and you have the Skinny Chicken Bowl. This dish has a plethora of unusual ingredients, such as the achiote marinated fire-grilled chicken, black beans, green chili tomatillo rice, covered in calabasitas squash, achiote onions and topped with Baja Fresh’s new Tomatillo Salsa Fresca, according to its website. The ingredients are strategically stacked with the rice and beans at the bottom, followed by the veggies, chicken and calabasitas squash.

Initially, a few bites into this bowl this Baja Fresh bowl could do me no wrong. I was really into it. The Skinny Chicken Bowl had an array of flavors as can be seen with its list of ingredients. The grilled chicken was spiced, tangy and I enjoyed eating it with the black beans and rice.

But after a while it became a chore to finish and I wished there was a Chipotle nearby. The tanginess of the overall dish became slightly overwhelming, and I know Baja Fresh is supposed to have fresh ingredients, but the meal tasted very processed and artificial. The chicken was good but certainly did not taste like it was fresh from the farm. The veggies lacked luster and the calabasitas squash, which is supposed to be a flavorful vegetable, fell flat and became a soggy nuisance in my bowl. And as I mixed all the ingredients together in the bowl it made the dish a saucy mess. Additionally, The Skinny Chicken Bowl’s sodium level is 1608 milligrams, which is an awful lot for such a small dish.

However, the chips that came with the meal were good. I found myself mostly filling up on the chips and frequently gulping down my water. Pass on the Skinny Chicken Bowl.

2 out of 5.

Price: $7.60 with tax

Alvin Verde September 13, 2011 at 06:03 PM
yeah i agree with that! Baja Fresh hasnt ever tasted super fresh to me either. But you know Chipotle isnt as healthy as it says, its sodium levels are through the roof!


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