4S Ranch Couple Serves Up Ice Cream Blasted with Liquid Nitrogen

Krishna Uppugonduri and his wife Suneethi Gudapati opened a Sub Zero Ice Cream last month and have another on the way.

Krishna Uppugonduri and his wife Suneethi Gudapati of 4S Ranch are planning to open a Sub Zero Ice Cream franchise in Carlsbad the first week of February.

Sub Zero Ice Cream customers can choose a base ice cream or yogurt, pick flavors, and then add mix-ins. Then the creation is blasted with liquid nitrogen at 321 degrees below zero which makes it more creamy than normal ice cream.

The 4S Ranch couple's location at Plaza Camino Real next to the Disney store follows the opening of a Sub Zero Ice Cream at the Escondido mall on Dec. 15. The couple plans to open another one in Encinitas in the Ralph's/Trader Joe's plaza the first week of February as well. It's their first time opening a franchise and working in the ice cream industry.

"The Escondido location is doing fantastic, we're getting great reviews from customers," said Uppugonduri. He added, "We saw an opportunity to have a customized experience for people that want ice cream or yogurt. Sub Zero Ice Cream breaks the paradigm, the options are unlimited"

Uppugonduri said they are looking at opening more sites in San Diego in the future.

Encinitas resident Steve Grady and his wife Teri were sold on the concept of Sub Zero Ice Cream while at a franchise show. They are expected to open a Sub Zero Ice Cream shop at 201 Oak St. in the Carlsbad Village in mid-March or early April. 

"This is our first jump into franchising. Sub Zero Ice Cream makes everything from scratch, on spot using liquid nitrogen. It has a nice gimmick to it, kids love it. The product is great and completely customizable. Ice cream can be made with coconut milk or almond milk," Steve Grady said.

Sub Zero Ice Cream is scheduled to be featured on ABC's Shark Tank, January 11.


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