Turn Your Home into a Movie Theater for One

Shop around for some thrillers and put your feet up. While the kids are in bed, enjoy your favorite flick, even if it is a "chick flick."

When was the last time your actually watched a movie you were interested in? Not a cartoon for 2 year olds or an action-thriller for the hubby. We mean a full blown chick-flick, mom movie. Head on over to and pick something out.

Heck, pick a couple out. Rent away.

Stock up for the week and treat yourself to something new or a classic that you've always wanted to see. Giving yourself some alone time will help you clear your head and relax. Choosing something to watch will give you gratification as a woman, which can filter into "you" as a mom.

Challenge yourself to spend a full hour, or more, finding workout DVDs, movies, or documentaries that YOU are interested in.

Here are some of their new releases :

The Tourist: With Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, this spy thriller is also a love story.

How Do You Know: Reese Witherspoon is torn over how to choose a man.

Hereafter: Matt Damon delves into the unknown world of the afterlife in this sensual thriller.

The Switch: A humorous tale of a middle-aged woman facing the confusion of artificial insemination, starring Jennifer Aniston.

If none of these spark your interest, try out Gone with the Wind, The Way We Were, or Casablanca. The great thing about Blockbuster is they have the new releases and the old flicks, too.

Enjoy your movie time, mama.


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