Sometimes, Home Is Where You Want to Be

Moms don't always have the time to leave the kids at home and go out for a fun, girls day. The solution? Cruise the Internet at home with your favorite cup of tea and get the scoop online with other moms.

If getting a baby-sitter is just too much this week or your little one is too small to leave at home, what is it that you do to make some free time for yourself in your home? Grab your favorite cup of green tea and the warmest throw. Cozy up to your computer and do a little research about motherhood, womanhood, and yes, maybe do a little shopping too!

Check out these websites for a mini-home-escape:

1. Childavenue.com: Poke around this site for the newest in mom blogs and play-date meetups in your neighborhood. This site also offers the "family corner" suggesting new and fun things to do with the family. This week's suggestion is a recipe for ratatouille served up with the Disney movie of the same name. Click on the "new parents" link for guides in your latest venture, or check out the birthday ideas tab, local fun options, or the "printables" section which includes a printable potty chart and chore chart to keep the household running smoothly. 

2. Shape.com: This magazine turned website is all about the woman, boasting fitness tips, healthy recipe ideas, and anything involving or supporting women and their lives. Click away using Shape's Virtual Trainer section or their Beauty & Style suggestions. Feel more like a girl just by reading about all-things-female.

3. Nordstrom Rack: For the latest styles in apparel, shoes and accessories—at the bargain price—shop on the Nordstrom Rack website. You can search by size, color, style, price, or brand. Many of Nordstrom's sale items appear on "The Rack's" website. Currently featured in the Women's Apparel section are spring blouses, jeans, capris, business attire, plus size, undergarments, sale sweaters and jackets from winter, even formal dresses! Get on and window shop. It can't hurt just to look, can it?

If you're feeling like you just don't have a space of your own to relax, check out this book featuring environments that women create in their homes to fuel their passions, Where Women Create.

In this day and age, sometimes an "escape" needs to be short and sweet. Busy moms may not have the time or money to do anything extravagant for themselves. That doesn't mean that "only mom" time can't be found. Perhaps it can be found in the most comfortable of all locations in Rancho Bernardo: your home.


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