Rep. Peters Calls for Resignation of VA Secretary

A federal investigation is underway at 26 VA facilities, none in San Diego.

Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, called Wednesday for the resignation of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki following revelations that around 40 former armed forces members died while awaiting treatment at a VA facility in Phoenix.

If Shinseki doesn't step down, President Barack Obama should fire the former Army general, Peters said.

"For too long, the VA has been steeped in complacency and mismanagement -- that has to end today and the change must begin at the top," Peters said. "While General Shinseki's service to his country is unquestioned, the failure to make necessary changes cannot continue."

Peters issued the statement about a week after one of his primary election opponents, former city councilman and onetime San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio, made a similar call.

Peters recently voted in favor of a bill that would give the VA secretary more flexibility over the employment status of senior executives. He had stopped short of calling for Shinseki to step down until today.

"Our veterans and I have lost confidence in the secretary's ability to lead this deeply troubled institution," Peters said. "While I feel strongly that the changes needed are much bigger than just firing one person, this is the right start."

The congressman said many more changes in the VA will be needed in the future, including rooting out managers who allowed unacceptable practices to occur.

The president has stood by Shinseki so far. A federal investigation is underway at 26 VA facilities, none in San Diego.

—City News Service
Jock Rodriguez May 30, 2014 at 01:03 PM
Jock Rodriguez i live in san diego and use the V.A. here please send me a survey about the service i have received from the V.A. i have had inappropriate waiting times and experienced even the emergency room being under staffed with doctors where i waited in the waiting room for over 8 hrs before being seen for a broken leg "a patient to my left had to be transferred to a civilian hospital and the patient to my right died",as a doctor who responded to the assistance call to the E.R said "this should have never happened"....i have requested appointments for routine checkups being denied by the answering service saying "they would call me when they would need to see me" thats been over 3yrs? i have shown up early for my appointments and have to wait hours for my turn cause there were not enough staff for the scheduled appointments.... i have waited for hours demanding from attendants/admin clerks my appointment with scheduled doctors and told to wait and when i refuse told out right if i did not stay it would be marked up as a cancellation, (THATS A PROBLEM in relation to the scheduling scandal).
Jock Rodriguez May 30, 2014 at 01:11 PM


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