Pet of the Week: Laney

Need A Couch Potato Buddy to Watch the Olympics With?

Laney is a Couch Potato Afficianado! If you love spending hours on the couch watching the Olympics or a favorite reality or home improvement show, Laney is incredibly mellow and would be a great companion for you. However, if you're watching the Olympics you may be inspired to start exercising more. If that's the case, Laney would make a great walking coach as well. Together as a team you could bring home the gold on improving your health and fitness. 

Laney is a calm, 2-year-old, 42 pound, Pit Bull Terrier. Her adoption fee is just $69, which includes vaccinations, microchip, spaying, license, free veterinary examination and a shared lifetime membership with Laney to Couch Potatoes Anonymous. 

You can visit with her at County Animal Services at 2481 Palomar Airport Rd. in Carlsbad. For more information call 619-767-2675 or visit sddac.com.

Animal Identification Number A 1475641


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