Pedal the Stress Away

Spend a little alone time on a bike, sweating out all those problems. Come back home a happier and healthier mom.

Beach cruisers and mountain bikes alike are welcome. Grab some friends or pedal solo—just as long as getting out-and-about in your Rancho Bernardo community is the goal.

Something about riding a bike brings us all back to the childhood days. You're free again and in the position to enjoy yourself while getting a healthy workout.

Stressin' out about being a mama, work, the man, the girls, or whatever it may be? See if a little biking workout doesn't solve the problem or at least give you the time away and peace of mind to find a solution. Check out this Harvard Health article to review the benefits of exercise for releasing emotional stress.

Biking is, beside swimming, one of the best full-body workouts available. With emphasis on the toning of the legs and buttocks, biking also offers an excellent cardio workout.

Charge up the iPod and fill up the CamelBak with lots-o-water. Make sure you pack the sunscreen and wear comfy clothes. Bike riding is the full-blown workout experience, as you pedal your own body-weight for the length of the trail or route. Give it three tries and if you don't see a change in the thighs or bottom, let us know. Chances are, you will. And, you'll feel good about it.

There's a whole biking community in San Diego and North County. Join for fun and friendly rides or high endurance exercise rides. Don't be shy. Find the rides closest to you in Rancho Bernardo at bikely.com.

Still looking to get stocked up on the right gear or bike in general? Try out some of these bike shops near Rancho Bernardo, see here.

Enjoy your mommy-free pedal time.

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