What we're thankful for

Learning Coaches and teachers are getting to know each other very well, and we are seeing a lot of learning progress. The holiday season is also a great time of year to reflect on the things we are most thankful for in life. I am thankful for my family, my health, my love of learning, and my love of teaching. Having made the decision at a young age to engage in a career in education, I have been witness to, and have played a role in, the transformation of many young children into productive adults. I’m so thankful for this incredible opportunity to share such a special journey with our students.


I am also thankful for Connections Academy and the wonderful education option our school presents to our students. Upon speaking with some colleagues and teachers at the school, I found that this sentiment resonated with many of us. In fact, Mary Olson, a fifth grade teacher at Capistrano Connections Academy, wrote to me to tell me what she’s thankful for, and here’s what she said:


“This year, I am thankful for my happy and healthy family. I am especially thankful for my adorable niece and nephew and all the fun they bring to our family. I am also thankful for being a teacher at Capistrano Connections Academy. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful fifth grade class this year! My students are so excited to learn and I couldn’t be more excited to teach them!”


As educators, we are all incredibly thankful for the opportunity to teach children in a personalized learning environment that engages students and ensures they have access to the resources they need to succeed.


What are you thankful for this holiday season?



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